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picky bars

I was the lead strategist on a small team to create a campaign for Picky Bars, an Oregon-based nutrition bar company. After a thoroughly-researched formal pitch, the client selected my team's campaign over four other teams'.


Picky Bars are the great multifaceted bar no one knows about. How do we get people to know - and care - about Picky?

The single most compelling idea of the brand is that Picky Bars are real-food fuel. Picky Bars are both a satisfying bite between meals and a high-performance bar, with its real-food content and 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio to back it up. The campaign strives to reach two key audiences and inspire them to champion every day, whether they're a triathlete or a college student. 

Primary audience - Young, active and health-conscious people who can't always discern the healthiest options for themselves.

Secondary audience - The athletes, trainers and workout instructors who influence our primary audience.

Digital video + display executions on popular social media channels introduce Picky Bars to the primary audience.

Picky Boxes (branded packages of samples, stickers and a trackable coupon code) place product directly in the hands of the influential trainers, athletes and instructors, all while creating a sense of exclusivity and cultivating a brand-community relationship. 

video concept


Account manager: Karly DeWees

Strategist: Delanie Clark

Copywriter + producer: Paris Bell

Art director: Catherine Simelus 

Media planner: Jingyan Liu